Robin Scovil
As I’m sure many horse owners in the show circuit (and likely other disciplines as well) can attest to, the path toward recuperation and recovery for our most adored creatures can be confusing, misleading, and often quite expensive.

Owning not one, but two, somewhat fragile mares, I’ve tried just about every trick in the book to keep them comfortable and happy (injections, supplements, even underwater treadmills). After all of that, I can confirm that a good old fashioned trip to the mountains has proved to be the best remedy, and both of my experiences at Mimi’s facility in Roaring Gap were better than I could have imagined.

Chester Bar's lead horseman, Roger, has been working the property for all his adult life, and his energy and know-how certainly assured me that my horses would be under fantastic care during their stay.

The sprawling, mineral rich fields and mountains that compose the pastures there did wonders for both horses; They developed better ground manners, a relaxed attitude (my nervous mare even grew out her former excuse for a forelock!), improved soundness, and thanks to the hills, my horses were fit and ready for work upon their return.

All of these improvements really just fortify the point that a horse always will do well when you let him or her just be a horse, and that’s what Chester Bar is all about. When their show days are done, in thanks for all of their great service to me, I will return them to Mimi to live out the rest of their days in the tranquility of the blue ridge mountains.

Larry Robinson
Polo Player/Ex-Hockey Player
Chester Bar is the only place I would send my horses because I know they will be well looked after. This year when we arrived for summer turnout they didn't get off the trailer and their heads were down eating that beautiful green grass. If you worry about your horses like I do this is the place to go.

Peter Orthwein
I have retired 2 of my polo ponies at Chester Bar Farm. Gus and Invasion have been well cared for and Mimi regularly sends me pictures of my happy retirees. I recommend Chester Bar Farm as a home for retired polo ponies.

Mike Ferro
Ferro Enterprises, LLC
After years of visiting and using Chester Bar's services, I can say that the combination of climate, altitude, topography and unsurpassed attention to detail makes Chester Bar the nation's premiere horse retirement and turn-out facility on the East Coast.

Allyn Maix
Choice of Champions International
When you have a horse that has been a member of your family, as my mare has been since she was 6, retiring these precious animals becomes a very serious thing. There was no question in my mind where my girl was going, the only place for her was Chester Bar Farm. This was one of the hardest things for me to do, but my mare deserved the very best.

As soon as she arrived, Edie was received by the farm manager Roger Maines. This mild mannered man puts you at ease right from the first phone call. "We have your horse, she arrived safely and is in our barn. She has been drinking water and is munching on hay. Her eye is a little puffy but dont worry I will treat it and wash her fly mask. We will keep you posted". My mare arrived with with an irritated eye and had just recovered from an ulcer. My vet bills were in excess of $1,000 and now she is out of my care. I would have panicked but Roger calmed me and somehow I just knew it would be okay. Not only did they have this cleared up in a week but I was kept informed of all progress!

My biggest concerned was her integrating into the herd. This is a horse that went to colic surgery from separation anxiety. So you can just imagine I was a bit concerned! She arrived, was placed into a barn, observed and then gently integrated into the pasture without a hitch. This is a mare who wouldn't last longer than 2 hours in turn out and would be running the fence line hysterical to get back into her stall. The property is more than lovely, the horses have whatever they need to be well maintained and if there is anything questionable they bring in the vet without hesitation. It really is horse heaven.

Retirement without stress and worry is what Chester Bar Farm offers you and your animal. Within a short period of time I was told my girl had a boyfriend... a big lovely 17 hand ex-jumper. I have pictures of her in the pasture and I call and talk to Roger just to hear the latest update. What more could an owner want?

Last but not least, Mimi Gracida, the owner of Chester Bar Farm, has been involved with horses her entire life and, like myself, they are her passion. I am privileged to know her personally and that's why I entrusted my lovely mare to her. I knew she would care for her as if she were her own.

Thanks, Mimi, Roger and Chester Bar Farm for peace of mind and a wonderful home for my mare who just turned 20.

Tiffany Devine
I sent my horse, Jessica, to Chester Bar in July 2010 for retirement. They treat her like a queen! She's 25 years old, has liver disease and a hernia, and she looks better than ever. It's one of the best decisions I've made for Jessica!

Nat Messinger, MD
A few years ago we retired our horse to Mimi Gracida's Chester Bar farm where he enjoyed several months of excellent, loving care, until he died at the age of 29. We are happy that we were able to make our beloved horse's last days so pleasant for him.

Mimi and her manager, Roger, saw to his every need and kept us informed of his status 'til the very end. We shall always feel grateful to them for the way treated our horse.

Emily Marschok
I have been fortunate to have sent quite a few horses to Chester Bar. Some for retirement and some for rehabilitation. They all have flourished with the knowledgeable care and wonderful strong grass on the farm.

Martha Mogren
Manager for Peter Orthwein
I wouldn't consider sending my beloved polo horses anywhere but Chester Bar Farm! It is the best place to rest your tired horses! Great grass and miles of hills to walk up! I've got two retirerees there and send our polo string every fall. They come back amazingly well rested and happy. I have been going there for over 15 years and am so thankful to Mary and Roger and Mimi for looking after my horses as if they were their own!

Bryan Baldwin
Meralex Farm, Brandon, FL
I have been a client of Chester Bar for over 12 years and have been very pleased by the wonderful care that they provide for my beloved retired show hunters and ponies. The farm is beautiful, with large rolling pastures and the staff is first rate.

Dell Hancock

The horses at Chester Bar always look happy and healthy. It shouldn't be surprising what with the abundant grass and nice environment they live in.