Horse Retirement Program

The main priority at Chester Bar is the care of your retired horse, both physically and emotionally.

Upon arrival, your horse will be integrated slowly into the retired herd. They will begin their new life at the farm in the stable with “a buddy". They will spend quality time together and gradually begin their journey of joining the others. Turned out in smaller pastures in the beginning, they eventually join the herd which will become their family.

Our pastures are full of beautiful stories: the formation of new best friends forever and even love at first sight!

Our philosophy is to let a horse be a horse and enjoy the freedom that is innate in their soul.

Feed and Care

The horses you see in our photo galleries are all grazed exclusively on our rich healthy grass. As you can see, they all are dappled, strong and shiny.

During the winter we feed them top- end Idaho alfalfa. As your horse ages they will eventually need grain supplement and we have had great success with the Purina Senior Formula.

Your horses are trimmed and wormed every 8 weeks and their teeth are floated once a year.

Farm manager Roger Maines personally checks your horses several times a day. Roger has a hands-on system in the field and he develops a bond with each and every horse.

We have a master farrier who does all of our trimming and we have excellent veterinarians on-call 24/7 in case of emergencies.