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Chester Bar Farm is one of the premier horse retirement homes and turn-out facilities in the United States.

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our horse retirement facility is located eight miles outside of Sparta, North Carolina, just off of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.

Chester Bar Farm's horse retirement program has been taking care of retired horses since 1972 and our family has been raising, training and caring for horses of all walks of life for five generations.

Boasting over 600 acres of pastures with lush natural Bluegrass, White Dutch Clover and Timothy grass, our pastures have magnificent trees, flowing fresh water creeks and ponds, just what your retired horse will love.

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We have taken great care to maintain a natural and safe environment for your horse retirement needs. All our retired horses are pampered in beautiful surroundings with exceptional care, love and professionalism from our facility manager, caretakers and veterinarians.

We consider your retired horses to be part of our family and treat them as our own.

Here's what just one of our satisfied customers has to say...

Allyn Maix
Choice of Champions International
When you have a horse that has been a member of your family, as my mare has been since she was 6, retiring these precious horses becomes a very serious thing. There was no question in my mind where my girl was going, the only place for her was Chester Bar Farm. This was one of the hardest things for me to do, but my mare deserved the very best.

As soon as she arrived, Edie was received by the farm manager Roger Maines. This mild mannered man puts you at ease right from the first phone call. "We have your horse, she arrived safely and is in our barn. She has been drinking water and is munching on hay. Her eye is a little puffy but dont worry I will treat it and wash her fly mask. We will keep you posted". My mare arrived with with an irritated eye and had just recovered from an ulcer. My vet bills were in excess of $1,000 and now she is out of my care. I would have panicked but Roger calmed me and somehow I just knew it would be okay. Not only did they have this cleared up in a week but I was kept informed of all progress!

My biggest concerned was her integrating into the retirement herd. This is a horse that went to colic surgery from separation anxiety. So you can just imagine I was a bit concerned! She arrived, was placed into a barn, observed and then gently integrated into the retirement pasture without a hitch. This is a mare who wouldn't last longer than 2 hours in turn out and would be running the fence line hysterical to get back into her stall. The property is more than lovely, the retirement horses have whatever they need to be well maintained and if there is anything questionable they bring in the vet without hesitation. It really is horse retirement heaven.

Horse retirement without stress and worry is what Chester Bar Farm offers you and your horse. Within a short period of time I was told my girl had a boyfriend... a big lovely 17 hand ex-jumper. I have pictures of her in the pasture and I call and talk to Roger just to hear the latest update. What more could a horse owner want?

Last but not least, Mimi Gracida, the owner of Chester Bar Farm, has been involved with horses her entire life and, like myself, they are her passion. I am privileged to know her personally and that's why I entrusted my lovely mare to her. I knew she would care for her as if she were her own.

Thanks, Mimi, Roger and Chester Bar Farm for peace of mind and a wonderful retirement home for my horse who just turned 20.

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